Hydraulic vehicle clutch system and method

Système d'embrayage hydraulique et procédé pour un véhicule

Hydraulisches Kupplungssystem und -verfahren für ein Fahrzeug


A hydraulic system (1) for a vehicle clutch assembly can include a pump (30) and a purge valve for regulating hydraulic pressure supplied to the clutch. The hydraulic pressure at the pump (30) can be set to a value higher than the operating pressure for the clutch. The purge valve can be configured to purge hydraulic pressure from the hydraulic system (1) so that an optimum, controllable, and/or pre-determined operating pressure can be supplied to the clutch. The system can be configured to provide accurate control of the clutch(es), continuous cooling capacity to the hydraulic system (1) components, lateral torque control when two separate hydraulic circuits are used, weight and cost reduction of the vehicle clutch, as well as other vehicle functions and characteristics.




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