Verbreitungsstruktur für elektromagnetische Wellen

Electromagnetic wave propogating structure

Structure de propagation d'ondes électromagnétiques


An electromagnetic wave propagating structure includes a main body (1) having surfaces capable of blocking propagation of an electromagnetic wave, and including an incident side (11) and an exit side (12) opposite to the incident side (11) in a wave-propagating direction (y). The main body (1) is formed with two wave-propagating channels (2) that are spaced apart from each other by a distance not greater than the wavelength (λ) of the electromagnetic wave. Each of the wave-propagating channels (2) extends from the incident side (11) to the exit side (12), and has an inner dimension not greater than half of the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave. The electromagnetic wave propagating structure is adapted to allow an electromagnetic wave to propagate therethrough via the wave-propagating channels (2) for focusing into a light spot having a spot size that is smaller than half of the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave.




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