Spiral groove mechanism for tube processing annular groove



The invention discloses a spiral groove mechanism for a tube processing annular groove. The spiral groove mechanism comprises an inner cylinder core (24); one end of the inner cylinder core (24) is movably mounted with at least one spiral groove cutter (22), and the other end of the inner cylinder core (24) is hinged to a piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder (25); the inner cylinder core (24) is drive by a motor (21); an outer cylinder (23) is sleeved on the inner cylinder core (24) and hinged to a connecting piece (27); the connecting piece (27) is fixed on the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder (25); the spiral groove cutter (22) and the outer cylinder (23) are moulded with mutually cooperated inclined planes (28). For tube processing, the spiral groove mechanism provided by the invention is not restricted by the shape of the tube, can carry out annular groove processing on a plurality of pipe fittings, and has stronger functions.




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