Stochastic signature sequence allocation method in enhanced FACH base on multiple frequency points



The invention discloses a random signature sequence allocation method based on multi-frequency-point in an enhanced FACH, which realizes flexible allocation to enhanced FACH (E-FACH) access so as to achieve the purposes of distinguishing access level and service QoS, transferring service information of users and the like. The technical proposal is as follows: the method comprises the steps: a terminal sends signature sequences of PRACH message access and E-RUCCH message access at a master frequency point of a cell, and sends a signature sequence of the enhanced FACH access at an auxiliary frequency point of the cell so as to lead a network to judge whether the access is the enhanced FACH access according to the information of the frequency points of the received signature sequences; and the information of the frequency points is broadcasted in a system message of a service cell, the network responses to signature on the master frequency point of the cell or a frequency point required by the system by virtue of the FPACH towards the access initiated by the terminal, and the information of the frequency point of the FPACH is broadcasted in the system message. The method is applied to the field of mobile communication.




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